Nope, Todd Bishop isn’t wrong-headedly talking about the iPad, this time the Surface RT gets that moniker:
>This speaks to the fact that my family is using our Surface primarily as a content consumption and light communications device.

Ugh. I wouldn’t normally post one sentence from an article that is not talking about how to use the Surface, but that’s not what I did here — this is Bishop’s set up for that sentence:

>Here’s my first piece of advice: Consider saving yourself some money and getting neither.

The argument being made is that you don’t need one of these keyboard covers, because in Bishop’s experience this isn’t a device you will type a lot on. That entire things reads like early iPad criticisms and is really too bad.

The more I hear things like this, the more I think the Surface may actually be on to something — perhaps creating a strong competitor for the iPad when it hits version 2. The reason these negative comments make me think this is because the comments surround a lack of apps, and 1.0 bugs. It sees to me like the Surface RT is a solid product that is suffering from a lack of developer support, as well as bugs.

To me, the bigger point that Bishop should have made, was glossed over: that is family was *actually* using the Surface. If that is in lieu of an iPad, then that is huge news.

Posted by Ben Brooks