Paul “Supersite” Thurrott has some interesting Microsoft Surface points:

>The Surface is what it is, and regardless of my opinion of the thing, it’s pretty clear that millions of people have purchased the devices and many more will do so in the weeks and months ahead, and that many of them intend to bring it to work.

I think the only thing that is “pretty clear” is that we don’t know how many people will be toting these around…

>Surface, of course, usually comes with a keyboard cover of some kind and I frankly have a hard time imagining almost anyone using this device without a cover.

That’s interesting, [especially given the Bishop link]( from earlier today. If you are buying a Surface, I just don’t see how you don’t buy one of the covers as well — that’s one of the biggest selling points as marketed by Microsoft.

>And although I’m not the overt fan of this device that many of you appear to be, we can all agree on this: It’s going to be getting a lot better, and soon.

That, I would have to agree with. From everything I have seen, all signs point to a serious commitment from Microsoft to make the Surface a well rounded tablet — that can only be good for consumers.

## Ah, Thurrott

One other note about Thurrott though — drives me nuts. Read this:

>Sadly, my critical examination of Surface with Windows RT was frequently misunderstood. I have a responsibility as a reviewer to be honest about any and all products that I use, and my Surface piece reflects what an incomplete and frustrating experience this particular device really is.

I really respected him for saying that, but then he immediately follows it with:

>But if you’ve been following along on the SuperSite for Windows, you know that I’m writing a series of tips and other articles about Surface, aimed at helping people overcome these frustrations. Of which there are many.

“The Surface is pretty annoying, unless of course you read all my tips to make it less annoying!”


Posted by Ben Brooks