Month: May 2013



  • Quote of the Day: Dustin Curtis

    “In the presence of someone wearing Glass, you can never have privacy.” — Dustin Curtis

  • On Writing

    [Mr. Blanc on writing][1]: > I wait to get started because I assume that if I don’t write something magical and clever as I’m typing it for the first time then I certainly won’t be able to improve upon it in the editing and re-writing process. I’ve only felt the fear that Shawn describes when […]

  • Save Podcasting! Help the Electronic Frontier Foundation

    You know what to do, donate like a mofo to take down a patent troll and [“save podcasting”][1]. No brainer. [1]:

  • Quote of the Day: Chris Bowler

    “In terms of sheer power, my MacBook Pro greatly exceeds my iPad. The smaller device is simply less capable, but maybe that’s the point.” – Chris Bowler

  • Taste Testing Large v. Small Ice Cubes

    [Nick Guy posted an update to his ice cube tray post][1] on Sweet Home, following the challenge from [Dr. Drang][2]: > I wanted to prove or disprove if using different ice cube sizes from our recommended Tovolo trays (big and small) would make a difference in taste. I’m glad this came back up again because […]

  • Quote of the Day: @Jeswin

    “Facebook is godsent for people who love to talk, but have nothing to say” — @Jeswin

  • ‘The Rise of the Mobile-Only User’

    I love [this passage from Karen McGrane][1] talking mobile websites: > It’s frustrating and confusing for them if you only give them a little bit of what you offer on your “real” website. If you try to guess which subset of your content the mobile user needs, you’re going to guess wrong. Deliver the same […]

  • How to End a Press Release

    [Glenn Fleishman’s ending to the press release announcing the sale of The Magazine][1]: > MARCO ARMENT is an ostensibly carbon-based life form currently residing in Hastings-on-Hudson, declared the Williamsburg of the North by the New York Times, whence he produces podcasts, blog entries, jeremiads, and software. He and his wife have one child and one […]

  • ‘Big Ice Cubes’

    [Dr. Drang debases the current douchebag-bourbon drinker trend of big ass ice cubes][1] ((I’m not saying all bourbon drinkers are douchebags, just the ones that drink it because it is the “in” drink at the moment. People who do that are clearly douchebags. It just so happens that this class of people get all hot […]

  • How Yahoo! is Trying to Get on My Shit List

    [Ryan Tate on Yahoo!’s expansion]( > Buying Tumblr gives the company potentially valuable data on the interests of sophisticated young computer users; Summly lets it see what news you are interested in while mobile; Hulu would provide insight into what television shows you prefer. Meanwhile, each information source also doubles as an ad delivery channel. […]

  • Dressing Formally

    [The esteemed Thomas H. Benton]( > Although it got out of hand, I think my year of dressing formally was a worthwhile experiment. In general, professors at liberal-art colleges are encouraged to be nurturing. But I found that a higher level of formality improved my students’ learning. My larger classes ran more smoothly. I had […]

  • Quote of the Day: The Macalope

    “‘Business Insider: We Just Don’t Care If It Makes Sense.’” – The Macalope

  • Quote of the Day: Amanda Hess

    “In other words, Facebook—as any adult with a profile knows—feels a lot like high school.” – Amanda Hess

  • Serephine

    [I want to offer a huge congratulations to my wife,][1] as she will now be featured in Nordstrom’s wedding boutiques and for her work at her company [Serephine][2]. I know first hand all the long nights she has pulled to make this happen and I am very proud of her. [1]: [2]:

  • ‘Welcome to the One-Screen World’

    [Mitch Joel][1]: > My niece is nineteen years old. When she was sixteen, she would come home from school, take out her laptop, plop down on the couch, lift the computer lid, turn on the TV, plug in her iPod earbuds, and set her BlackBerry down next to her. From afar, it looked like she […]

  • ‘Designing Blogs for Readers’

    [Matt Gemmell on how to not design your blog like a douchebag, I mean, well no, that’s actually what I mean][1]: > The design should serve the text. Text should never be made to conform to a design for any purpose other than legibility, on a personal blog. I almost entirely agree with Matt and […]

  • Keyboard Maestro 6

    People, today we have [Keyboard Maestro 6]() and oh baby is it awesome. A few new features that are killer: – Safari Actions to grab the URL and Title. I had a ton of actions that grabbed this data by using a slew of different methods, but I just went through and changed them to […]

  • Congress Sends a Letter

    I totally missed this, but the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus [sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page][1], posing eight specific questions about their privacy concerns with Google Glass(es). I doubt Google will answer these truthfully, so let me go ahead and do that *for* them. > In 2010, it was discovered that Google was […]

  • Quote of the Day: Michael Lopp

    “Shit gets weird somewhere between 100 and 200 people.” — Michael Lopp

  • ‘Tumblr. + Yahoo! = !!’

    [Over the weekend Yahoo! acquired Tumblr.][1] (What the fuck do I do here, place a double period? *Jesus*, these names.). I didn’t think I had much to say on it, then Yahoo! went and Yahooed ((Should “yahooed” have an exclamation point? This shit is so confusing.)) it up. In the announcement, CEO of Yahoo! Marissa […]