‘Packing the Smart Alec for a Hike’

One of my bigger complaints with the Tom Bihn Smart Alec is that I have a bit of friction getting the strap on and off my body. That’s good in that it means the strap fits well and comfortably when on, but it’s cumbersome. I received a response from Tom Bihn about this that detailed how he loosens the strap when he takes it off and tightens when he puts it back on — I’ve been doing that same trick too.

Tom Bihn promised me a video on this a while ago and a couple of days ago they sent it over. [Here’s the video][1], but as you will notice (as apparent by the title of this post) this is not just about taking a backpack on and off. No this is about packing the Smart Alec for a hike. I didn’t think much of that until I watched the video — because holy cow does he fit a lot in that backpack. (The strap trick is right in the last 30 seconds or so of the video.)

Worth a watch if you want to see just how much a backpack like this will hold.

[1]: http://www.tombihn.com/blog/smartalechikevideo