Month: April 2014



  • Firmware for X-E2 v2.0

    Continuing their tradition of awesome support for released cameras, Fujifilm has added two killer features to the X-E2 via a 2.0 firmware update. Now the X-E2 has selectable focus peaking colors — something I loved about the X-T1, and the ability to toggle face-detection on and off by assigning it to a function button. Both […]

  • What iOS RSS Readers are Missing

    Since I took the time to dive into Unread and really consider the app, and the app category, I came up with a few things that I think are generally missing for some, if not all, RSS apps. Speed Mode Jared Sinclair, in my Unread review, talked about how most RSS apps seem to be […]

  • Unnecessary Additional Work

    Marco Arment: iOS 7 only “set you back months or years” if you haven’t been paying attention to the iOS development cycle and decided to take on far too much unnecessary additional work with the migration to 7, both of which would cause problems in any year, on any app, with any new OS release.

  • Behind the Scenes of Touch Id

    iOSecure on Reddit: With iOS 7.1.1 Apple now takes multiple scans of each position you place finger at setup instead of a single one and uses algorithms to predict potential errors that could arise in the future. Touch ID was supposed to gradually improve accuracy with every scan but the problem was if you didn’t […]

  • Small Screen Productivity

    Matt Gemmell: For the vast bulk of stuff that most people will want to do on a computer, though, most of the time you don’t need a desktop monster. I don’t think you even need a 15” screen, which is essentially a portable desktop. You just have to use a small screen productively. I’ve never […]

  • A Year Squandered

    Speaking of Jared Sinclair he has a blog post up today about the wasted year iOS 7 brought on developers: Fast-forwarding a year, the effect that iOS 7 has had on third party development is disheartening — which sounds like a fatuous thing to say, since there have been so many well-liked redesigns over the […]

  • Thoughts on Unread for RSS Reading

    Unread was first released back in February, and while I wasn’t ‘in the office’ during that time, I couldn’t use the app given the lack of support for Fever. Recently the app updated to version 1.2 and I was able to give it a go as it added support for a lot more RSS services […]

  • Ulysses III, Version 1.2

    (Confusing version numbers, I know.) The best writing app for the Mac has been updated today and adds some very neat stuff. This isn’t a full review of the app, as I have one here, this is what’s new (and great) about the latest version — also what’s still missing. Goals A lot of writers […]

  • Too Good

    Ben Bajarin on the iPad: As I have reflected on this point, it has led me to think the iPad may be cursed. It may be too good of a general purpose device in that it lacks a preferred or specific use case. What I mean is the iPad lacks a function its owner prefers […]

  • It’s Easy to Hack Hospital Equipment

    Kim Zetter: In a study spanning two years, Erven and his team found drug infusion pumps–for delivering morphine drips, chemotherapy and antibiotics–that can be remotely manipulated to change the dosage doled out to patients; Bluetooth-enabled defibrillators that can be manipulated to deliver random shocks to a patient’s heart or prevent a medically needed shock from […]

  • Ideology Behind Digital Tools

    Frank Chimero: What’s interesting about digital tools for information work is how frequently they are born from a specific ideology: someone thought work should be done in a certain manner, they found no tools to support that method, so they set off to build their own tool that presumes their ideology is true and best. […]

  • It’s Broken

    Ben Thompson: Apple, though, does deserve some of the blame for the slower development of these new opportunities. Their reticence in enabling sustainable businesses on the app store makes building a business on apps, particularly new-to-the-world concepts, a risky proposition. This is unfortunate; after all, it was a 3rd party – Adobe – that truly […]

  • iOS 8 Hopes and Dreams

    Federico Viticci on the biggest need for iOS: I could discuss ideas for inter-app communication on iOS for hours, but I’d like Apple to start from the basics and iterate from there. Look at how apps can open a Mail compose window now, or how you can create a Calendar event from email messages.5 Those […]

  • The Cubicle Was Designed to Set You Free

    Nikil Saval on the creation of the cubicle: And it was too late to fix the problem. He had trapped people in giant fabric-wrapped walls, when he had meant, like Propst, to free them. It turned out that companies had no interest in creating autonomous environments for their “human performers.” Instead, they wanted to stuff […]

  • Quote of the Day: MG Siegler

    “If the iPad is a fad, it’s the greatest fad in the history of American business.” – MG Siegler

  • Not the Flickr I Am Looking For

    Justin Williams isn't so hopeful about Flickr: I want Flickr to succeed, but I worry that the Flickr I want to succeed isn’t the Flickr that Marissa Mayer is building.

  • Flickr 3.0

    Shawn has a nice overview of the new Flickr iPhone app, well worth the read. I'm really excited to see where Flickr is heading these days and I would wager they stand a good chance to be my go to service in the not to distant future.

  • Frozen Walk Up Songs

    This is excellent.

  • Whitehouse Petition

    Step 2.

  • Take Action Against FCC Bullshit

    This is step one.