Chris Bowler on planning his week with pen and paper:

Now, I realize this could all be done in OmniFocus. I could tinker with perspectives and get a view that is very similar. But I cherish the exercise and taking the time causes me to closely consider each task and whether it’s a good use of my time. Sometimes the slow way is the better way.

This jives well with my post yesterday about needing something to physically write on. I’ll admit that writing on the iPad is far less satisfying than writing on paper — but it’s easier to deal with in the long-run for me. And so the iPad wins out.

That said, another option is (as Chris pointed to) the Whitelines notebooks — which are just fantastic — they have a notebook series called ‘Whitelines Link‘ which uses a special iPhone app to snap a picture of the page. The page has details on it to get the skew and alignment just right. I have one and it works pretty well. (Super hard to find on Amazon though.)

Posted by Ben Brooks