Jude Webber:

Attending a business conference in Paraguay, Mr Slim said it was time for a “radical overhaul” of people’s working lives. Instead of being able to retire at 50 or 60, he says, we should work until we are older – but take more time off as we do so.

He thinks we should be working three days a week, but 11 hour days. Fascinating considering the aforelinked post on the true motivations of a 40-hour work week.

I personally think that something has to give. There’s too many people working and not spending money because they are always working, and too many people not working and thus having no money to spend for the system not to change. I’ve always hated working on Friday because nothing ever seems to get done as no one seems focused. I usually only work a few hours on Fridays because of this, but I may just eliminate them altogether.

Posted by Ben Brooks