Most readers of this site probably know that Shawn Blanc is a good friend of mine, and so it’s natural that I am going to link to any new project that is done by a good friend. Of course this project is good — it’s Shawn Blanc after all — but this time around things are a little different, and I want to tell you why.

You see I read and endorsed the first version of Shawn’s book Delight is in the Details — it was a good read with an interesting subject. But I pretty much left it at that, which was really too bad for me.

This time around I haven’t seen a thing that Shawn has in the new book (if you can call it a book, it’s more a media kit), but I did get to see one thing prior to today.

Shawn filmed a video called ‘The Creative Life’, and he let me see this video early. Truthfully that isn’t unusual, remember we are buddies, but here’s the feedback I had for Shawn (from our iMessage conversation):

You had me hooked from the first second to the last. No joke. That’s some of the best writing I think you’ve ever done. It was like one of the great commencement speeches.

And I truly mean that, because that video kicked off something inside of me. It caused me to decide to regain my focus and trim the fat of distractions from my life. I’m not joking either — I just pruned my Twitter follower list and RSS feed list heavily after seeing that and more is to come, major changes, but more on this later.

And quite honestly I cannot wait to dive into this updated version so that I can learn even more.

So buy it, or don’t buy it, I don’t really care.

I just want to say thank you to Shawn, because this is already making my life better and I haven’t even seen everything yet.

Posted by Ben Brooks