The new podcast app on the block, but more to the point the new app from Marco Arment, is Overcast. I’ve downloaded it, but to be frank I actually don’t listen to any podcasts. It’s a rare occasion that I do listen to a podcast, so my commentary on the app is like Paul Thurrott commenting on anything but a Microsoft press release.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • MacStories has a seemingly unnecessarily long review of the app (and interview with Arment) which is summed up as: “I’ve tried many podcast apps over the years, but Overcast, thanks to its unique features and elegant design, is my new favorite.”
  • Macworld likes it too: “But for now, Overcast’s cute orange icon is the one sitting in my iPhone’s dock.”
  • The Sweet Setup is a little harder on the app: “We stand by our pick that Pocket Casts is the best all-around iOS podcast app, but with Overcast, it’s a tighter race than ever.” ((Now I think you can see why I love the work Shawn is doing over at The Sweet Setup.))

I played with Overcast this morning for the first time and while there are some really nice touches (suggestions based on Twitter, EQ while audio is playing) there are somethings that I really don’t like (the typography doesn’t feel very cohesive to me). Again, I don’t use podcast apps so I’m a poor judge here.

Either way, it plays podcasts just fine, so I don’t see a reason not to get it for free to check it out.

Posted by Ben Brooks