Month: August 2014



  • The Brooks Review Podcast: Episode Seven – Glowing Rectangles

    Today I am joined by Patrick Rhone of Minimal Mac and The Cramped, as we discuss putting our glowing rectangles down, and using an actual pen for writing. Bonus content: Patrick takes me to task over my often lack of editing my blog posts. Thanks to Hoban Cards for sponsoring.

  • SpamSieve

    This is the only option for ridding yourself of spam.

  • Don’t Forget To Remember This

    An outstanding post from John Carey on the state of photography: Your tool of choice is your choice. Spend money on a camera, or not, but don’t do it to feel more confident or to fit in. Buy a camera that suits your lifestyle. Really love this, be sure to make time to soak it…

  • Dear Dads: Here’s How to Talk to Girls

    Angelica Asadi: I grew up imagining I could do anything that any one of my brothers could do. Society decided to disagree with me and threw obstacles in my way. A person was at every corner telling me that I could not achieve all that I dream of because I was born the wrong gender.…

  • ReFocus

    It’s time to start taking back the time sucking activities we all love to indulge in.

  • Quote of the Day: Guy English

    “Being opinionated and shipping the truest form of your vision of software doesn’t assure success.” — Guy English

  • Patience and Details

    Regaining the patience that I once had, and which I desperately need now.

  • The Brooks Review Podcast: Episode Six – Indie v. Corporate

    This week I am joined by Bryan Clark, a mobile designer at Starbucks and creator of Blixt — the best client ever. We talk about mobile design life as an indie, versus at a large corporation. We also dive into our iOS 8 dreams. I really love this episode. Thanks to Hoban Cards and…

  • Übersicht – JavaScript Widgets on you Desktop

    Very cool tool (see Patrick Welker’s description). The main reason I like this over Geektool: I can style it using CSS and that is awesome.

  • Simple To-Do List Apps on Vimeo

    Nice video talking about the two most important features of a to-do list app: adding tasks and checking them off.

  • Barack Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System

    Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux: “We’re getting into Minority Report territory when being friends with the wrong person can mean the government puts you in a database and adds DMV photos, iris scans, and face recognition technology to track you secretly and without your knowledge,” says Hina Shamsi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s…


    Think of this like a personal, self-hosted, version of Day One. It’s really nice, and really neat. In particular I like that I can have different projects to organize. Right off the bat I created a “shots” project to save snapshots of the kids that I like, and a “thoughts” project to save snippets of…

  • Is Every Speed Limit Too Low?

    Alex Mayyasi: It seems counterintuitive, but it’s a formula Americans should love: Raise speed limits, make roads safer. Interesting read on how speed limits are set. I’d also point out that people perceive driving faster as more dangerous so a couple factors of faster speed limits could also come into play: Better focus when on…

  • Quote of the Day: CJ Chilvers

    “As noble as you may believe your pursuit of excellence is, it means nothing if you go home at night to people who do not recognize you or want you around.” — CJ Chilvers


    Glad this exists, I get a lot of questions everyday about how to do just this.

  • I Still Can’t Be Ok With Just My iPhone

    I try out the Lesser Photographer approach and find that, once again, I focused on the gear and not the content.

  • The Problem with the Social Web

    Tim Carmody on OKCupid fuckery: You can't on one hand tell us to pay no attention when you change these things on us, and with the other insist that this is what we've really wanted to do all along. I mean, fuck me over, but don't tell me that I really wanted you to fuck…

  • The Brooks Review Podcast: Episode Five – Mr. Chambers

    This week I am joined by Bradley Chambers as we talk about iPads. In education, in offices, and how the App Store is changing for good and bad. This week we are sponsored by: Delight is in the Details and Begin app.