Month: August 2014



  • Terrible Management Practices

    Clive Thompson: Because, as Ms. Deal found in her research, endless email is an enabler. It often masks terrible management practices.

  • The Design

    Just a boring post about the where and why of the new design.

  • The Brooks Review Podcast: Episode Nine – Producitivytistststs

    I’m joined by Mike Vardy to chat about productivity tactics and whiskey. Good show.

  • Tacoma Police Using Surveillance Device to Sweep Up Cellphone Data

    Kate Martin: The Tacoma Police Department apparently has bought — and quietly used for six years — controversial surveillance equipment that can sweep up records of every cellphone call, text message and data transfer up to a half a mile away. Makes sense, John is a sketchy looking guy. ((Seriously though: in my own backyard?…

  • Dropbox is a Feature

    Dropbox is a really great utility, but unfortunately they are still just a utility. And that’s a problem when you have competition with deep pockets.

  • The Arbiters of What We See and Read

    Glenn Greenwald on the very real dangers of seemingly innocuous censorship of the Foley beheading video: Given the savagery of the Foley video, it’s easy in isolation to cheer for its banning on Twitter. But that’s always how censorship functions: it invariably starts with the suppression of viewpoints which are so widely hated that the…

  • TextBundle

    This is where TextBundle comes in. TextBundle brings convenience back – by bundling the Markdown text and all referenced images into a single file. Cool work and I can't wait to see where this heads. Here's hoping for fast developer support as this could be killer for iOS too.

  • Quote of the Day: Erik Spiekermann

    “Inher­ent qual­ity is part of absolute qual­ity and with­out it things will appear shoddy. The users may not know why, but they always sense it.” — Erik Spiekermann

  • Mikes On Mics #134: Talking Time with Ben Brooks

    Mike Vardy was kind enough to have me on his podcast this week. We talked about a ton of stuff, including my new focus on — shit — focus I guess.

  • Building a Lightweight Photography Kit for the Urban Professional

    Álvaro Serrano: When you look at the whole process, the amount of tools and gear that are needed may seem daunting. And yet, it is entirely possible to build a lightweight, versatile photographic kit for the urban professional. What a great and detailed look by Serrano at how and what he carries everyday. It’s eerily…

  • So That’s It Then

    It is harder to get permission to legally drive, than it is permission to raise your own kid.

  • The Brooks Review Podcast: Episode Eight – Barham

    I’m joined by an english teacher, Nate Barham, who reads this site! We discuss self-publishing, and writing habits.

  • Breaking News on Facebook

    Mathew Ingram talking about Facebook’s lack of Ferguson coverage: In the end, we all have to choose the news sources that we trust and the ones that work for us in whatever way we decide is important. And if we choose Facebook, that means we will likely miss certain things as a result of the…

  • Airmail for Mac

    Looking at how Airmail stacks up for a loving user.

  • The Fifth Downside

    Advertising hurts more than just users and readers — it makes things harder on the little guys too.

  • Twitter Bringing #Ferguson to a Boil

    David Carr: There is a visceral quality to Twitter that can bring stories to a boiling point. Ron Mott, an NBC correspondent and a social media skeptic, watched Twitter turn up the heat on Wednesday and tweeted, “As powerful as our press have been through years of our democracy, social media raises temp on public…

  • Quote of the Day: Craig Mod

    “Giving a shit does not require capital, simply attention and humility and diligence. Giving a shit is the best feeling you can imbue craft with.” – Craig Mod

  • Where’s the Justice at Justice?

    Maureen Dowd: “It’s hypocritical,” [James] Risen said. “A lot of people still think this is some kind of game or signal or spin. They don’t want to believe that Obama wants to crack down on the press and whistle-blowers. But he does. He’s the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.” This is one…

  • Tragic Times in America

    The failure of America’s police force in Ferguson is a national tragedy.

  • Vesper and Hand Notes

    Josh Ginter writing about Vesper: If I find myself without a pen and memo book and I have a thought or journal idea, I quickly jot it down in Vesper. Once I get back to my written journal, I can write the contents of the note in my book and expand on them if necessary.…