Month: October 2014



  • The Eight Year March

    After far too long, I am changing my career.

  • The Only Practical Advice for Parents

    I don’t know much, but I do know they go to sleep at some point.

  • Quote of the Day: Tim Cook

    “So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.” — Tim Cook

  • Why is the CurrentC app collecting your device information?

    Nick Arnott: To their credit, CurrentC does employ SSL pinning to protect the application's traffic, but at this point it's hard to know if that's to protect their users, or their questionable data transmissions.

  • Email Drafts the Hard Way

    I think Gabe is wrong about interleaved replies, clearly, but the rest of his advice is spot on. I’ve long thought email clients should only ask for the recipient at the bottom of the screen, or when you go and hit send. I used to draft emails like this, but fell out of practice. Consider […]

  • iOS Bugs

    Add these iCloud bugs, which I see with Twitterrific to the “it takes 15 seconds to delete an app” bug and iOS 8.1 can be very annoying.

  • CurrentC

    John Gruber: I don’t know that CVS and Rite Aid disabling Apple Pay out of spite is going to drive customers to switch pharmacies (Walgreens is an Apple Pay partner), but I do know that CurrentC is unlikely to ever gain any traction whatsoever. CurrentC stores your payment information in the cloud and uses QR […]

  • The Zombie iPad

    Keeping around the old iPad mini represents an opportunity for everyone.

  • Pixelmator for iPad

    Good overview from Viticci. Add this to Flare 2 and I am now 99% sure that not only do I not need Lightroom, but that I don't even need a Mac to edit my photos. I can't wait to get this entire workflow laid out.

  • What we give away when we log on to a public Wi-Fi network

    Maurits Martijn: I will never again be connecting to an insecure public WiFi network without taking security measures. If you don’t think this matters, read this and you will see why it does matter.

  • What Google really means by “Don’t be evil”

    Leo Mirani: But it also means that Google has effectively redefined what “evil” means. It is whatever Google thinks it means. Convenient.

  • The iPad Air 2′s Huge Upside

    Ben Bajarin: Based on the types of jobs that are extremely mobile and work done out in the field frequently, we estimate there are upwards of 300m jobs, and growing, where computers are not used today because they were in the shape of a notebook or desktop. Yet this is where the opportunity lies to […]

  • BitTorrent Sync vs. The Cloud

    Brett is doing something I do, which is using Sync for a personal cloud because we have Mac minis in a colocation facility. It works exceedingly well for me. It’s also amazingly fast. Sitting at home I can upload something I save to my server from my iPhone (via the new Transmit iOS app) and […]

  • The Travel Bag Review

    I found another backpack I love, and the perfect three night travel bag.

  • Yosemite + iOS 8.1: What Photographers Need to Know

    Austin Mann: It’s now super easy to slow down your iPhone Slo-Mo footage on your Mac: just open the slow-motion video file in QuickTime and drag the sliders on the timeline below. This process will be familiar as it’s exactly the same as the process on your iPhone. Oh, I had no idea. That’s cool.

  • Behind The App: Flare 2

    I downloaded Flare 2, having not used the first version, and I like it quite a bit. I think with some patience it will replace Lightroom for me — but that’s a long post for another month. Shot from my iPhone, processed in Flare 2 on my Mac. Expired Fujifilm effect, customized to remove the […]

  • Twitter’s “Peace Offering” to Developers Is Meaningless

    Marco Arment: They’re not obsessed with messing with developers’ heads — we’re just innocent bystanders getting hit whenever this fundamentally insecure, jealous, unstable company changes direction, which happens every few years. I don’t think there is much money in developing things for Twitter, which is too bad because I love Twitter.

  • The iPad Air 2

    Despite what most say, I still think a new iPad is the best computer you can get.

  • Ulysses III Love

    System Preference: At first glance, Ulysses III’ features read like a set of common sense additions to Writer’s spartan feature set. And yet beyond the obvious lies a set of decisions that manage to augment productivity in meaningful ways while sacrificing as little as possible of Writer’s opinionated tabula rasa. This post, more than any […]

  • The Magical Future

    Justin Williams: We tend to give Apple grief when things are buggy or don’t work as well as we’d hope. It’s things like this lunch purchasing experience that are why I use and champion their products. When it works, it really works. Apple Pay and HealthKit are two of those things that will only be […]