Kevin Wild:

Without the iPad, my grandparents would've continued living their lives disconnected from the wonders of the internet and modern technology. It has empowered – not intimidated – them to embrace how technology can improve their lives.

I can echo many of these sentiments over three sets of grandparents in our family. My grandfather spends hours each day looking at new photos we post to iCloud, and prints the ones he wants. He likes stuff all over Facebook, while my grandmother watches Japanese news from her hometown — live.

On my wife's side her grandfather FaceTimes almost everyday at lunch. Another likes and comments on photos in iCloud constantly.

I've spent hours with them fixing routers and computers in the past. But with iOS they've fixed things themselves and have been empowered to try what they want without waiting for me.

I tell them one thing when it comes to iOS (after I get the first backup done in iCloud): don't be afraid to do, press, install, or try anything. There's nothing you can break which I can't easily tell you how to fix over the phone.

I've never been called in to fix something that took more than a moment. I love it, and I know they do.

Posted by Ben Brooks