Month: April 2015



  • The New MacBook Review

    Really interesting thoughts on the MacBook, especially his take on the keyboard. I can’t wait to get mine.

  • The first batch of USB-C adapters and cables, tested

    Nice rundown of what you have out there right now. But I’ll remind you that one does not buy the new MacBook to plug shit into it. If that is your plan, get a different computer. I, for one, am looking forward to not having shit plugged into my laptop.

  • Put on a Watch

    Triggering work mode.

  • Apple Watch and Hands Free Computing

    Ben Bajarin: I can let my eyes and hands be free to do other things, yet still yield value from the digital world. This, in my opinion, will be the area where wrist-worn computers of all shapes, types, and sizes, will compete and move computing another step forward.

  • Confirmation Bias

    Take a breath, and write something when you know the facts.

  • QuickSwitch

    My new favorite app. The default Belkin WeMo app is shit, and really slow. QuickSwitch isn’t just a watch app, it’s a far better WeMo controller (works with just the WeMo switches for now). Really great work.

  • Face management in version 1.0

    Matt Henderson goes over the woes of Face management in I’ll admit that the feature is very cumbersome — overly cumbersome actually.

  • Losing my religion for equality

    Jimmy Carter: The same discriminatory thinking lies behind the continuing gender gap in pay and why there are still so few women in office in the West. The root of this prejudice lies deep in our histories, but its impact is felt every day. It is not women and girls alone who suffer. It damages […]

  • Project Fi

    Google’s long rumored wireless network has been announced. The most interesting part is the pricing. I would really love to see this succeed to pressure the likes of Verizon and AT&T on plan pricing and international data rates.

  • I’m Shooting JPG Only Now

    And I think you probably should too, but only if you actually have a good camera.

  • SwiftKey Report on Emoji Usage

    This should be all the information you need to delete this keylogger.

  • Managing Across Time

    Over on The Syndicate, I wrote up how we work across a bunch of time zones at MartianCraft.

  • The Wirecutter Travel Guide

    Rare day that I don’t have any quobbles with what The Wirecutter publishes, but their bag choices look very good, and overall I agree with most things on this guide. Well done.

  • Quote of the Day: Matt Gemmell

    “There’s no finer substance than single malt whisky.” — Matt Gemmell

  • Define Watch

    John Gruber: If you think of a “watch” as purely a device for telling the time of day, then Apple Watch is not just a watch. But if you think of a “watch” as a wrist-worn glance-able display of status information (including, perhaps prominently, perhaps not, the time of day), and as a signifier of […]

  • Yard Maintenance

    I’m glad someone took the time to write this, because I wasn’t about to research it.

  • The GORUCK 15L Shoulder Bag

    It’s a primary bag, not a secondary one and it holds a lot.

  • The Bag Struggle

    Mike Bates has a great post responding to my calls for bag setups. Interesting use of a sleeve as his lightest carry option.

  • Quote of the Day: Brittany Tarvin

    “Self assurance doesn’t just materialize like a super power that I can summon when I need it. I have to work through some vulnerable feelings like fear, embarassment, inferiority, doubt, or anxiety to get there.” — Brittany Tarvin

  • Apple’s new laptop is the future

    Christina Warren: This is the notebook for people who love their iPad but want something with a real keyboard and a bigger screen. It's a great second computer to complement an iMac or a larger MacBook Pro. I read all the MacBook reviews today, Christina's is the best of the lot. The design of the […]