The Better iPad Pro Apps

Some of the best iPad Pro apps out there.

I’m completely enamored with using the iPad Pro as my full time computer (as anyone who follows me on Twitter can attest). There are still a good amount of apps that need to be updated to fully support the larger size of the iPad Pro, and to support rotation (looking at you Dropshare). Still, there have been some real gems that I have found, and I wanted to highlight them in no particular order.

  • Workflow – Of course this makes the list, but more than anything else this is the one app that makes the iPad Pro work as an only computer. Without Workflow I don’t think I could use just the iPad Pro. It’s powerful.
  • Pythonista – Whereas Workflow is a make or break app for the device, Pythonista is my power tool. I still need to learn Python, but there is a ton of stuff out there. There may be no Keyboard Maestro for iOS, but there is Pythonista and I think it will rival Keyboard Maestro given enough time. The latest update is awesome and unlocks the power of the app through extensions in ways I had not thought possible.
  • Ulysses – This is still in beta, but I have to tell you, it’s amazing. I’ve always loved Ulysses in full screen on my Mac, or on my iPad Air. But it’s an entirely different experience on my iPad Pro — and it is way better. This is the ultimate writing app, paired with the ultimate writing computer.
  • 2Do – Yes, you are still waiting for me to write up why I switched to 2Do, but in the mean time, know that I consider it one of the better iPad Pro apps out there. Not only does the app scale well to the large display, but it is perfect at every size in split-view. If you want a template for how to do a good split-view app — this is the app you start with.
  • Instapaper – I haven’t used Instapaper in quite some time, but having recently switched back to it — I can’t imagine using anything else on the iPad Pro. It’s where I read most things these days, and it works brilliantly on the iPad Pro.
  • Slack – Slack on the iPad Pro is the best Slack experience you can get.
  • Coda – If you ever need to show someone a beautiful, powerful, app — you show them Coda. It’s not only an amazing app, but one of those apps that works so much better on an iPad than a Mac.
  • Pixelmator – As with Coda, what a powerhouse of an app.
  • Numbers – I don’t know why, but Numbers seems to work really well for me on the iPad Pro. As with any spreadsheet, screen real estate always helps and I suspect that is what I am seeing here.

There’s a lot more great apps out there, but these apps really stand out to me.

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