Month: March 2016



  • How My Kid Leaving for College Forced Me to Take My iPad Seriously

    Johanna Romero talking about her transition to iOS only: Everything else I needed to do with a computer, I was able to do with my iPad Air 2. Albeit with a smaller screen and only 16GB of storage space (a device limitation I’ve sworn I would never put myself through again).

  • Observations on iCloud Photo Library

    Colin Devroe does a good job summing up iCloud Photo Library first experiences — including the slow initial sync. It is, as he says, amazing once it is all setup and working because stuff syncs fast. I’ve been relying on it since it came out and have yet to be disappointed. It is done in […]

  • Introducing Aether Fabric Packing Cubes

    Tom Bihn’s blog on a new fabric they are using in packing cubes: Aether is an ultra-light, 100% nylon fabric from Japan. It has a unique and somewhat complex construction, combining 30 denier monofilament with both 100 denier and 200 denier yarns in a micro-ripstop weave that further increases its tear strength. Like most of […]

  • Testing Apple’s 29W USB-C Power Adapter and iPad Pro Fast Charging

    Federico Viticci on the new fast charging setup for iPad Pro 12.9″ users: The performance gap between the 29W and 12W power adapters is simply too big to ignore: every iPad Pro user would want to spend less time charging their device and end up with more battery, more quickly. The 12W power adapter essentially […]

  • Tom Bihn’s Sprout Backpack: A Review

    This is the best kids backpack I have seen, and believe me, I have looked.

  • My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT

    Maciej Ceglowski on why the IFTTT support will stop working. I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty to delete my account from IFTTT. You might do the same before they accidentally break that functionality or some shit.

  • Tomoe River Paper

    It’s a hell of a sheet of paper.

  • Two iPads Pro on Initial Charge

    Michael Rockwell responding to my post about the new 9.7″ iPad Pro: For me, the 9.7-inch iPad strikes the perfect balance between power and portability — I can get all of my work done without a hitch and the device’s size would never be considered unwieldy, regardless of the setting.” I agree, but again few […]

  • The Astonishing File System

    Mac OS X is the niche operation system, not iOS.

  • It’s Not About the Tools

    What you have isn’t made worse by the introduction of something better.

  • Sticking With the Big iPad Pro

    Manton Reece commenting on his sticking with the larger iPad Pro: The keyboard really does transform the iPad. It’s great. When the iPad Pro first came out, many people were stuck without the Pencil or the keyboard for it and so their enthusiasm was dampened quite a bit. Do yourself a favor and don’t even […]

  • Two iPads Pro

    Well the smaller one is ever so slightly less pro, now isn’t it?

  • What the iPad Pro Teaches Us About User Experience

    This is a laughably bad post. Boag states the iPad Pro is a death by a thousand cuts, yet only offers three/four weak reasons: It’s not a pro device despite it being called a pro device — he claims he will get to why later, but then calls that point 3. It has no file […]

  • Can We Save the Open Web?

    Dries Buytaert on the larger problems of the web today: But algorithmic oversight is not enough. In numbers by the billions, people are using free and convenient services, often without a clear understanding of how and where their data is being used. Many times, this data is shared and exchanged between services, to the point […]

  • Why Uber & GM (& CarCos) Will Have a Head-on Collision

    Om Malik writing about the future of transportation: Just as iPhone made us rethink what we should expect from a phone and changed our behavior, a company like Uber is slowly changing our relationship with the car. Much like Tinder, which has changed the perception of what is romance, on-demand mobility is essentially training us […]

  • Going All GORUCK

    Almost, but not quite.

  • The GORUCK GR2

    It’s heavy, but I really do like traveling with it.

  • Two Ulysses “Problems” People Have

    Just try it, you’ll like it.

  • Ulysses Mobile

    It’s so good, that I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t use it.

  • How to Really Port Your Mac App to iPhone

    Marcus Fehn on porting Ulysses to the iPhone: If you look at the finished product, you may very well think it all looks so self-evident. “How could it ever have been different”, you may ask. And that’s great, because then we’ve done our job right. But again — this is work, people. Hard work. They have truly […]