Month: April 2016



  • Traveling Light: Socks

    I travel with regular cotton socks, because even I have my limits.

  • Traveling Light: Packing Aids

    Packing cubes, packing rolls, stuff sacks — you usually don’t need them.

  • Looking at the Future

    Craig Hockenberry in the iPad Pro 9.7 display: After using this iPad for a couple of weeks, I’ve realized it’s like the advances of Retina in an important way: I never want to use a lesser display again. And as with higher density, I think it’s obvious that Apple will eventually update all its products…

  • Traveling Light: Bags

    Yes, let’s talk more about bags.

  • iOS 10: Wishes and Concept Video

    Federico Viticci: I don’t believe Apple should move away from the app-based model of file management on iOS. However, both document providers and iCloud Drive ought to be faster to operate, more transparent, and as versatile as they would be a on desktop computer. I still don’t think the file system matters that much —…

  • Five Weeks

    David Sparks: As iOS further matures, I’m just not so sure I’ll have much need for a laptop. Trust me. I’m as surprised by this realization as anybody else. He is thinking he will only need a desktop, but I suspect that it won’t be but another year before people like Sparks are wondering what…

  • Traveling Light: Underwear

    Even I was surprised at how well these underwear met the marketing expectations.

  • Taking Risks

    Kevin Hoctor: If you live a life with the impossible notion of having zero risk, you may be happy but you won’t know how much happier you could have been if you explored new experiences with some risk attached.

  • What Is the Apple Watch Good For?

    Great post from Richard on how he uses and sees the Apple Watch. I particularly love his term for the app icons on the watch.

  • He Who Holds the Data

    Gabe Weatherhead on a disturbing trend: This new era where every app maker wants to hold my data is not a future I look forward to. This is the one change to TextExpander that I dislike the most. It’s also becoming increasingly more common. Sync is not a business model.

  • Replacing TextExpander With Keyboard Maestro

    Gabe Weatherhead has a good overview of some of the quirks with Keyboard Maestro.

  • Poor Apple Watch

    Casey Liss still likes his Apple Watch: Thinking of the Apple Watch as a standalone device that replaces the functionality of your phone is a fool’s errand. The Apple Watch improves your visibility into what is happening in your phone, like a satellite giving you a bird’s eye view of the earth. Neither will give…

  • Patience and Impatience in the Tech Industry

    Nice follow on from Manton Reece, where he talks about why patience is a double edged sword.

  • Silicone Case for iPad Pro

    It pains me to say this, but the iPad Pro is better with a case on it.

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Goes for the Extreme

    Barry Ritholtz: The Chamber’s priorities are aligned with the small number of companies that are its largest contributors. Maybe that’s only natural. In any case, it no longer seems like the organization serves the interests of business at large.

  • Photograph Everything and Look at Nothing

    This is a great post from Om Malik.

  • 3D Can’t Touch This

    I can’t believe this is a real debate.

  • The iPad Pro Out Paces My Usage of Any Past Mac

    My iPad Pro is not just my main computer, it is my preferred computer.

  • The TextExpander 6 Update

    Michael Tsai on TextExpander 6: For me, the new service is actually a regression because it’s less private. I trust the folks at Smile, but as a matter of policy I don’t like to give apps network access without good reason. Before, TextExpander could run without network access, it would sync via Dropbox, and I…

  • 3 Packing Methods

    A nice look at the bundling, folding, and rolling packing methods. They like the rolling method best as that left the most room. Personally, I remain unconvinced and still use a combination of all three methods depending on what I am packing. I tend to fold pants, roll t-shirts, and bundle button down shirts. I…