Traveling Light: Socks

I travel with regular cotton socks, because even I have my limits.

Editor’s Note: I’m going to be writing some posts about how I travel light. I’ll pull them all back together at the end with one larger post and hopefully a video. I am not a super minimalist packer, I am however a light packer. This will also be very geared to men, sorry to all the women — I just have no way of writing about that.

This might be the shortest of all these posts: I don’t buy special socks for travel. There are tons of great options out there which are Merino wool and thus fast drying, anti-stink, and more. They are good socks, and the socks I certainly should be traveling with, but I don’t.

I travel with 100% cotton Happy Socks. While I sacrifice some style in most areas, I refuse to stop wearing my Happy Socks for travel. They are too great not to wear.

It does mean that on trips longer than 4-5 days I end up needing to wash cotton socks, but so be it. I am a huge fan of socks with crazy patterns and colors on them, and I am not about to stop wearing them. Merino socks won’t take up much less room on a 2-3 day trip, and even though you could get away with just one pair, they will be one ugly pair of socks and where is the fun in that?

Now, if I ever find a good looking pair of Merino socks — I’ll be all over that.

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Thanks to Grant Dotson for pointing out Goodhew socks which look far more stylish than most Merino socks I have seen.

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