The Great Content Blocker Showdown

Yeah, 1Blocker, basically.

There’s somewhere between 80 and 80,000 content blockers on the App Store. I own many of them. I’ve done quite a few posts on them — comparing their data savings and their speed increases. Purify, kept the lead for the most part.

I’ve not gone back and tested any of these blockers, nor have I tested any of the new ones that have come out since that last testing in December 2015. Here’s what I know, broken down as simplistically as I can make it:

  1. Purify is insanely fast, but breaks a lot of websites too. So the speed savings aren’t as much as it would seem from my testing, because you end up whitelisting and then reloading a lot of sites.
  2. 1Blocker is plenty fast and doesn’t break nearly as many sites.

For me, the only content blocker currently on any of my devices, is 1Blocker. Not only is it fast, but I can write my own custom rules for it. Its whitelists are synced between my devices and Mac as well.

1Blocker is likely not the fastest in the App Store, but it has the best experience of any content blocker I have tested. That’s been more than enough to keep me happy all of 2016.

Get 1Blocker here.


I still recommend Adamant for people who have no desire to fiddle with any settings.

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