Month: October 2016



  • Convince Me iPad Pro is Better

    I don’t care if you switch or not, but don’t tell me most people can’t do it.

  • The Apple of Your Eye

    Stop expecting trucks to get better.

  • Microsoft Surface Studio

    My god, that’s a pretty PC. Like with Xiaomi products and Android, it’s too bad it runs Windows. Some good other thoughts on it: here, here, and here.

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix

    My god, that’s a pretty phone. The other bonus of watching this video is that I finally found out how to pronounce “Xaiomi”. Like Microsoft products though, it’s too bad it runs Android.

  • Power of iMessage

    John Gruber on iMessage and how it locks people into iPhones, yet it insanely useful: iMessage is an exception. With iMessage you get to connect both with iPhone users in the Google ecosystem and iPhone users in the Apple ecosystem. For a lot of us here in the U.S., that’s just about everyone we know.…

  • KODAK EKTRA Smartphone

    This looks like it may be compelling enough to buy just for the camera itself.

  • Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war

    Roughly 9,700 current and retired soldiers have been told by the California Guard to repay some or all of their bonuses and the recoupment effort has recovered more than $22 million so far. This is really fucked up.

  • Stale Macs and A-Series Chips

    What if the reason Macs are so stale, is because they are about to jump from Intel chips to A-Series chips? For starters, I’d buy one.

  • The Nock Lanier

    Easily the best briefcase I have ever used.

  • OUTLIER Strongworks

    Since I picked up the Outlier Futureworks they have quickly become not only my favorite pants, but my most worn pants. I’ve been yearning to get another pair of Outlier pants, either Slim Dungarees or the OG Classics. But I have been held back for some reason on both. Outlier just launched the Strongworks, which…

  • Cords

    Siri is also better than your assistant in a lot of ways.

  • From Dropbox to iCloud Drive: a review and some thoughts

    David Chartier on dropping Dropbox: Others who have made this transition told me there’s a noticeable performance boost to be had by uninstalling Dropbox from a Mac, which I just did yesterday. They weren’t kidding. Dropbox has gone from an amazing service to a mess of a feature. iCloud Drive is simply a lot better.

  • Changes to 2Do Pricing

    The new pricing model is free with an unlock for pro-type features: In short, even after the trial expires, the app will continue to offer all of its features, except for Sync, Backups and Alert Notifications (i.e. turn into a dumb, but useful to do list). In order to enable those, the user could upgrade…

  • This is How Trump Lost $916M and Avoided Tax

    Basically: So while Trump made money at every turn, the banks that lent him money, the workers and small businesses who delivered for Trump, and the investors in his casino company all got stiffed. And while they paid taxes on whatever income they did manage to collect, Trump enjoyed at least $916 million of tax-free…

  • Innovation in Photography

    Steven Sinofsky looking at the iPhone 7 and the Depth Effect: Each of these innovations in tools is creating a new form of imaging. These are not just “features” but we are slowly observing a paradigm shift. When you consider this, the iPhone 7 camera is not just “cool photo blur feature” but the start…

  • Real work on the iPad

    Manton Reece: With the right apps and workflows, it’s a fun computer to work on. I didn’t miss my Mac while traveling last week, and I expect iOS to serve me well on future trips. Only a matter of time before everyone slowly moves to iOS, and I don’t think it’ll be a conscious decision…

  • That iPhone Portrait Mode Post Everyone is Sharing

    Such a great post: See, our eyes actually have very deep focus, but our brains and our hearts fire at ƒ/0.95. This post is being shared everywhere, and it deserves it.

  • Nebo’s Handwriting Recognition Elevates Your Notes

    John Voorhees: Nebo’s Ink handwriting recognition system is the standout feature of the app. Its accuracy is truly astounding given that it doesn’t require you to alter your handwriting. In fact, in the example notebook/user guide that comes with the app, most of the handwriting is written in cursive. I don’t write in cursive, but…

  • Providing the best possible App Store experience

    The Omni Group: With the original download free, we can implement any pricing options we want to offer customers through In-App Purchases. We can offer our standard unlocks of Standard and Pro, of course. But we can also offer a free 2-week trial which unlocks all of the features of Pro and Standard, letting you…

  • Apple Restricts iPhone 7 Reservations to Upgrade Program Members

    For its part, Apple’s reservation page has always noted that a 24-month installment loan through Citizens Bank, which finances the iPhone Upgrade Program, is required — this change just cements it. In other countries where the iPhone Upgrade Program does not exist, such as Canada, all customers are able to use Reserve and Pick Up…