Clarks Desert Boots

I mean they’re boots, and a quite like them.

I’ve never been a boot guy, always sneakers or some type of low cut dressier looking shoe. I didn’t understand boots, unless I was hiking or doing something which specifically required boots. But I needed new shoes and travelers seem to universally hail the Desert Boot as not only a great staple, but as really the only shoe most people need.

Naturally, I was intrigued and the price was low enough (coupled with having a need), so I bought a pair of Clarks Desert Boots in Beeswax Brown.

I’ve mentioned these before, but I’ve now had ample time to test them. They have become my most worn shoe, and the pair I keep by the door. I’ve worn them in cold rain, and humid heat — and in both cases they performed better than expected.

Reviewing shoes isn’t my forte, but they are comfortable, they look good, they are classic, and they last. No matter how I look at these shoes, I like them quite a lot and will likely buy another pair when these wear out. Simply a solid buy and staple to have.

I snagged mine here.

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