iPad Productivity Report – 11/28/2016

Can your relatives work from an iPad, a flowchart for iPad selections, and cellular or not?

### The Question

“So can you actually work from an iPad?” I hear that question a lot from friends and family, and I usually annoy them with my response. I respond with a version of “I only own iPads”. Which is my way of saying: yeah, I work only from an iPad.

It’s not the answer people want to hear though, what they want to hear is “you probably can’t” or “no”, and sometimes “yes”. Telling most people they can work from an iPad challenges too much of their knowledge about the way the world works, and they can’t easily grasp it. So telling them it’s not something they have to worry about, is the equivalent of the “it’s not you, it’s me” break up line.

Also it helps get you out of a series of questions if you respond they can work from an iPad: what about X, what about Y, what about Q, what about X but in E way? And on and on they go.

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