Outlier Strongworks

These are replacing my jeans.

A few weeks after I received my Outlier Futureworks, I knew they would be the pants I wear the most, and the pants I like wearing the most. They certainly are the most comfortable pants I own, but they are also the most versatile. I love them.

I have been looking to get a second pair of pants which I could split the wear with for a little more variety. I was set to buy many different brands — as the other pants I have just aren’t as comfortable as the Futureworks. Luckily for me Outlier released the Strongworks. Styled similarly to the Futureworks, but made out of a decidedly heavier material — much closer to the thickness of denim.

I’ve had these pants for about a month or more now, and they are another favorite of mine. If the Futureworks are a high-tech take on Chinos, then the Strongworks are that to a pair of Jeans. They are supremely comfortable, durable, and my second favorite pair of pants.

I prefer the Futureworks over these, but only slightly. That said, as the weather cools the Strongworks have proven to be better pants. It’s not that I am cold in the Futureworks, but rather that the Strongworks are a more comfortable fabric weight in the winter. Again, like Chinos and Jeans.

I keep wanting to buy more pants, but honestly with the Futureworks and Strongworks, I’ve found two pairs of pants which will cover 90% of what I need to wear pants for. It’s a bit amazing to me that any pants I add after this are basically a luxury and not a need.

For those wondering, the other things I need pants for: elastic waist lounging at home pants, pants for painting or knowing you are going really fuck up your pants, and suit pants. I am targeting suit pants next…

Hell the Strongworks are great for doing yard work too… What a great pair of pants. Highly recommended.

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