iPad Productivity Report – 11/21/2016

Which iPad, how’s the Pok3r, and reader questions.

This past Saturday I received the Pok3r mechanical keyboard for my iPad setup. My initial impressions of this keyboard are very high — I *think* this maybe the keyboard for my iOS setup. I’ll have more to report on this in the coming weeks, but I will say that my shift away from the Smart Keyboard to a mechanical keyboard seems to have been the right move on the surface of it. But also a costly one, as I am now trying to find out how to get one of [these keyboards](https://thevankeyboards.com/products/minivan-keyboard-kit?variant=23068593411).

On thing I do need to point about about the Pok3r is that it can be powered (with backlight) from of the non-powered USB Camera Connection kit. This greatly simplifies the setup and overall aesthetics of having a mechanical keyboard and iPad Pro.

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