iPad Productivity Report – 11/14/16

We talk about fearful Mac users, and good keyboards.

Welcome to the first of many, weekly reports on iPad Productivity — a new bonus for members of the site. First: thank you for being a member. Just the fact that one person, who isn’t my mom, is willing to pay to read my site is amazing.

### You Never Forget Your First Love

I’m afraid though, I have to jump right into the thick of it and address [this comment from Jason Snell](http://www.macworld.com/article/3140144/macs/what-the-touch-bar-tells-us-about-the-macs-future.html) — a comment I see all to often:

> Which is my way of saying, though the Mac will continue to evolve in the future, it may finally become irrelevant only when the iPad is capable of doing all the work people currently use their Macs for. And on that front, iOS still has a long way yet to go.

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