As a follow-up to my member’s post this week, here’s an article where Jason Snell better articulates what he still needs a Mac for:

It’s all gotten a lot better, and for maybe 90 percent of what I need to do, my iPad Pro can do it–in many cases as good or better than my Mac. But when I ran into something in the other 10 percent, this week I was happy that a Mac was nearby.

He didn’t layout anything which is impossible to do on iOS, but I get why those things are easier on the Mac — because they still are easier on the Mac. However, even as a power user of computing tools, he could still be iPad only if he wanted to.

Snell does bring up one thought which sits badly with me:

And when the iPad can match the functionality of the Mac, sometimes it comes only via a bunch of weird third-party apps, workflows, and workarounds.

Really? Most Mac apps are from weird third-party developers, with odd workflows, and workarounds. I wish he’d edited out this thought, because it’s absurd. Perhaps he’s never heard of some of the people making the current power iOS apps, but that’s only because they haven’t yet been around as long as Mac developers. And the terminal/Automator stuff he talks fondly of are far more cumbersome and weird than something like Workflow on iOS.

(hat tip to: Mark Crump)

Posted by Ben Brooks