iPad Productivity Report β€” 01/23/17 πŸ”’

I really want that Westworld tablet/phone thing. Also some follow up on Workflow.

## Some F/U

In the [last iPad Report](https://brooksreview.net/2017/01/ipad-report-011617/), I talked about building a small app within [Workflow](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/workflow-powerful-automation/id915249334?mt=8&uo=4&at=1l3v36d). One of the issues I cited was the inability to pull from something like a `csv` for my lists, and instead needing to build the list again inside Workflow. As I feared, I was wrong and this can be done, it’s just that β€” like with most things Workflow β€” it’s rather opaque. (Workflow needs someone working there full time explaining how to build things, they would double their sales.)

Ari Weinstein (co-founder of Workflow) reached out to me on Twitter to tell me just how to do it. He provided [this sample Workflow](https://twitter.com/AriX/status/821074770141642752). The Workflow pulls from iCloud Drive and then parses the text file as a list (with new items being on their own line). This should be able to work with a `csv` too, but I’ve modded my `csv` too much to test, but I did try with a text file and it was magic.

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