It Was Not A Great Start to the Week for My iPad

Here’s how my Monday went at “the office”:

The post to Slack was after a trying for an hour to print a sheet of labels from a CSV file I had. No joke, I couldn’t do it. I downloaded a ton of apps, I even tried web services. I went to Screens to try and create a PDF file on the remote Mac mini, but would have had to install way too much software.

I was at the breaking point. I had 30+ envelopes to label and I was about to get up and grab my Wife’s MacBook Pro so I could do what I know to be an easy task. Then I stopped, realized she likely didn’t have the software and just hand wrote everything on the envelopes.

This was a disaster.

Not so much because I couldn’t do what I had set out to do, but because it should be easy to do, and in the end I wasted a ton of time before just hand writing everything.

But most of all, a day removed, I am still so frustrated by the experience. I often talk about all the good parts of using an iPad Pro as your only computer, but none of that is to say that there are not truly frustrating days.

So whatever you do, don’t try to do a mail merge label print from a fucking CSV file.

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by Ben Brooks
1 minute to read.


Oh, the frustration is real.