Ulysses Does it Too

I should have known.

In my quick review of Textastic I noted that I snagged it for the feature where you can grab an external file, edit it, and “save” it back to the external location without editing (I really need a better term for this). Turns out Ulysses can do that too, I mean of course it can, it’s amazing.

If you back all the way out of your library and tap the manage view you will find an option to “Enable External Files” (maybe that’s a better name?). Once you do that there is a Library Source called External Files and within that you can grab files from iCloud Drive, OS X Server machines, and any other app which allows this kind of access (Transmit, Documents, Sync, etc). This all works incredibly well if what you are editing is raw text and not code, for my uses this will likely be better than Textastic.

Thanks to all those who dropped me a note about this.

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