iPad Productivity Report — 3/6/17

We tackle how you really don’t need complicated setups, and reaffirm my love for Ulysses.

Let’s get back to talking about iPad productivity for a change.

## Applicable Producitivty

[Denny Henke writing](http://beardyguycreative.com/blog/2017/03/02/ipad-journal-a-mess-of-stuff-getting-in-my-way/) about his explorations into some of the more robust productivity options for iPad users:

> But I spent the better part of two hours with Copied and just came away frustrated. It may be that it’s just not suited to the way I work or maybe I need to spend more time learning it. Or, just as likely, it may be that I don’t write the kind of content or perform the kinds of tasks that benefit from that kind of app.

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