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Hey look, it works everywhere and all the time, how novel.

When Instapaper shit the bed a while back I left for greener pastures of Pinboard — but for whatever reason I began having a ton of issues with the API not working, and thus not being able to update the apps which I rely on for reading.

This is all maddening. And before you ask: I do not like Pocket.

This leaves very few options, one of which is Wallabag, and the other is Safari Reading List, the “shit” of Apple products. ((You either get that reference or you are much too young.)) Anyways, Reading List is by far the easiest to switch to, so that’s what I did. There was a long stretch of time where I used this exclusively, so I am very familiar with it already and all the pitfalls.

But, umm, something must have changed, because this is way better than before. Yes, you still run into that “can’t do a simple thing because I am syncing” bullshit which has always plagued the service but other than that it’s perfect.

I really don’t take the term perfect lightly either, but it is perfect. I do 90% of my reading on my iPad Pro, and save articles from anywhere. I also prefer to read actual sites and not reformatted sites. So, yeah, Reading List is pretty perfect for me.

And, as it turns out, it works pretty well on planes too. Which I really didn’t expect.

At the risk of being overly verbose: it’s pretty flippin good. What makes this so ideal for me: there’s no friction to the service like there is with every other read-later service I try.

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