iPad Productivity Report — 4/17/17

Let’s see what Kickstarter can teach us about iPad hardware needs and the product in general.

It’s no secret to long time readers that I have given up on most Kickstarter products. It frustrates me when an already established company uses the service to launch another product — especially when that product is already a part of their core mix (bag company launching another bag, stand company launching another stand, etc) — to me that feels like wanting all the rewards of a successful product without taking any risk. I am equally leery of new companies because I’ve been burned far too many times by people who have the best of intentions and lack all other skills.

However, there is one good thing about Kickstarter: it shows you what people want. Create a project, get a prototype, put it on Kickstarter (or Indiegogo, I am using those interchangeably here) and you’ll instantly know if there is a market for your product. With that in mind, I searched both services with the phrase “iPad Pro”.

Oh my.

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