Apple Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro

The Apple Leather Sleeve solves quite a few issues for me.

I’ve long struggled with what to do when I travel with my iPad. Far too often I have one bag, and this travel style presents two immediate problems you might not think about — both of which the Apple Leather Sleeve solve.

  1. When you board the plane, I want to place my bag in the overhead bin if there is space. But then, what do I do with my iPad? Jam it in the seat pocket in front of me? Rest it on the floor to watch it be an air hockey puck?
  2. When I am at my destination (when traveling for work especially) I need my iPad, but don’t want to take the bag I traveled in around with me — often it’s too big.

To solve the first problem, I often travel with a bag that is small enough to either fit in my larger bag, and pull that out when boarding the plane, or I travel with an overall bag small enough that I deal with it at my feet. Neither is a great solution, as the extra bag adds considerable bulk, and the bag at my feet reduces my in flight comfort.

I’ve long taken my headphones out just before I board, and placed them around my neck (Bose QC35s) so that I don’t have to deal with them once I get to my seat. Now, I do the same with my iPad. I pull out the iPad “kit” in the Leather Sleeve (iPad Pro + Smart Keyboard Cover + Pencil) and I hand carry that.

This is a great setup, and much better than the silicone case which offers protection, but adds bulk when using the device. I get everything I need, a little extra slip protection on the tray table, all without having to pack a second bag, or have my bag at my feet.

For the second problem, I’ve gone as far as having bags custom made for me to try and offset the bulk issue with packing a second bag, but even that didn’t work out well. Instead the Leather Sleeve is once again a winner for me. It’s a handsome iPad Kit, I can carry around a client office or out to lunch with little worry for my device. I don’t love having to carry something in hand, but it’s not proven to be problematic at all. Typically if I am taking my iPad, because I am going to use my iPad. If I don’t intend on doing that, I’ll leave it behind.

The Apple Leather Sleeve is on the more expensive side, but it’s one of the highest quality Apple accessories you can buy. In the short time I have been using it, I’ve fallen in love with it — and as an added bonus, I rarely misplace my Apple Pencil now.

Highly recommended, buy it.

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