Eugene Kan:

In the words of Abe: “We don’t see ourselves as a lifestyle brand. We don’t focus on it too much. Apple doesn’t care who buys it, they focus on making the best possible product. You can do whatever you want with it. It’s not like if you buy it you’ll look like a surfer or the hottest skater. You buy Outlier to open the range of your possibilities. We’re not selling an identity or way of life. We let you choose your own life. You can do what you want and the clothes will follow you and work.” It’s an interesting take when most strong brands in the modern era are predicated on selling a particularly idyllic way of life.

For those thinking it’s nuts I love Outlier clothing so much, this article explains it well. You can go from a hike to a nice dinner in the same clothes, and socially fit in both places, all the while being comfortable in both places.

Posted by Ben Brooks