David Hewson:

For some reason the internet has encouraged us to place little value on the things we use, even the ones we rely on heavily day to day. It’s not just software. Books have been discounted and devalued in many places to the point where the people who write them get a pittance in return for their work. Apps have been driven down to price points where people buy them casually, never use loads of them, then wonder why the things don’t get fixed or improved then disappear a few years down the line.

He hits on a great point: buying ‘casually’ as he puts it is a huge issue. Things you buy causally, you tend not to care about, until you have good reason to care about them. This is why I’ll continue to beat the drum: raise your fucking app price. If you want to have fewer people complain about paying for your app, raise it beyond a price where people buy it casually.

The prime example of this is Omnigroup.

I’d say the bottom end price should be $24.99.

Posted by Ben Brooks