Really nice update to the Rucker backpack. However, that’s not why I am posting about it — shit I didn’t even use my affiliate link on that. As part of the redesign, GORUCK filmed a 2 minute video, which can be found on the linked page, and it explains the Rucker redesign. But it actually doesn’t. It left me wondering why I should care beyond it being new. That video was of GORUCK’s President Blayne Smith giving a focused look at the bag.

Smith is excellent at direct, on script, style communication. It shows why he is president, but also, he didn’t do a good job selling the bag. This lead to a 20+ minute video (Warning that link is to a Reddit link to the damned Facebook video, which somehow I was able to watch through Pocket for reasons I don’t understand.) from Jason McCarthy, the founder of GORUCK, to explain the same bag.

At the end of the 20 minute video — and yeah I watched the entire thing — I wanted a new Rucker. Because even though Jason (I don’t know him, but he seems to go by that in the community and not Mr. McCarthy) rambles quite a bit and lacks focus, he holds a much better clarity about the product itself. That is: he sold the product, and never once made me feel like “when’s this video going to end”.

So I’m linking to these two videos as a tool for you. When you are trying to sell your product or yourself: which video are you?

Steve Jobs was a salesman, but in a different way than Jason above. Cook is not, he’s direct and sincere, but he isn’t going to get you excited, which is exactly why he hands off the presentations to people he hopes can get buyers excited.

Posted by Ben Brooks