Some Passing Thoughts on the 26l GR2

A $500 EDC sized GR2. Oh boy.

Last night GORUCK launched a new variant of the larger GR2, only this time in 26L configuration. It is extremely odd as the line is now 26, 34, 40 for the GR2 and 21 and 26 for the GR1. Super weird, here’s some random thoughts I have on this:

  • This is simply too niche. There is going to be a really small group of people who this bags works well for, but beyond that, it’s just damned weird.
  • Since this bag is the same footprint as the 21L GR1, but sized at 26L, it will fit really well under the seat in front you on an airplane. I love the 21L for that reason.
  • It’ll make a great “one bag” for those who travel extremely light.
  • It makes no sense for people over 6’ tall, because the 26L GR1 will fit the back of a taller person better, and a thinner bag is always preferable to a thicker one.
  • It will offer way more organization than the GR1, as GR2s have a ton of extra pockets. This is good and bad, depends on who you ask. For me it’s meh. Ultimately this makes the bag slightly less versatile which is acceptable when you have a ton more space (34 and 40) but in 26, I am not so sure.
  • It’ll be better for EDC than the 34L. And before you ask who carries a 34L for EDC, well, a lot of people surprisingly do.
  • I have no need, or want for it.
  • The overall changes to the size of the GR2 really messes with the looks of the bag, and I think this is perhaps the second worst looking GORUCK bag, with the GR3 taking top honors.
  • It’s downright comical that this bag is the same $495 that the 40L is.

I think this bag is for some people though, mostly people who find the 26L too tall to fit comfortable on their back, but need more room. Beyond that, I see little reason to buy this bag. And, I will say that this is not about fit, as it is about comfort. I would, still, argue that a longer bag is more comfortable than a bag constantly pulling you backwards over longer periods of time.

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