Wilneida Negrón:

By then, my experience working as a therapist, social worker, immigrant rights advocate, and social movement researcher had made me deeply skeptical of Mark Zuckerberg’s “move fast and break things” ethos, which has defined Silicon Valley. While this mantra is credited with ushering in an era of incredible innovation–the products, platforms, and tools developed by “tech giants”–I saw how it reinforced the ways our social, economic, and political systems and institutions can privilege some groups over others, and reproduce bias and inequality.

Here’s something to think about: Apple has almost the inverse ethos as Facebook. Both Facebook and iPhone have massively transformed the world. Which has transformed it for better, which for worse?

I’m not sure there is a clear answer, however my gut says that Facebook is more net negative than iPhone. I wonder how much of that could have been avoided if more consideration was given while building out the Facebook, as was given when Apple built iPhone.

Posted by Ben Brooks