The ‘Fuck All’ Nature of iPad Work

It’s disrespectful to tell someone that because they use an iPad instead of a laptop, they don’t do real work.

November 15th started off like any other day, and then Tom Warren, a verified twitter user (I suspect that’s important to him, so I’ll note it), [tweeted](

> Nilay made this point on Vergecast, but the people who have replaced their laptops with an iPad are people who do fuck all work. The rest of us hard working people use a laptop, because we have real stuff to do other than send emails and fart around. Don’t @ me `¯\_(ツ)_/¯`

I respected his wishes not to “@“ him, and am instead posting some longer thoughts here. Before we dive into this, I do want to point out the best response to that [tweet from Steve Troughton-Smith](

> Real hard-working people don’t use a computer at all 😛 You don’t know how easy you’ve got it

That’s a very kind way of telling both Warren and Nilay Patel to fuck off. A less kind way is to say that — as someone (me) who has worked manual labor in construction for years, has started two companies which were very small (2-3 employees) and as someone who has run a tech company — that Patel and Warren can fuck right off with that arrogant bullshit they spout everyday. How a website dedicated to technology can so loathe new technology is beyond comprehension.

It is, though, worth actually diving into this topic of “real” work versus “fuck all” work.

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