Snack Pick of the Week — 12/10/18


We are at the cusp of the great holiday shit show as I like to call it. Right now is not the time for the great unknown or experimentation. It’s now the time for comfort food — for food that makes you feel good right now and terrible later down the road. That means, of course, the snack pick for this week is Doritos.

Specifically, Doritos Taco Flavor. That’s right, forget about your Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, or even the Salsa Verde. Those are great, indeed, however the Taco Flavor has the versatility and nostalgia you need right now. They are excellent on their own in small doses, admirable in binges, and most excellent as the base of your next platter of nachos.

And I know what you are thinking: “Doritos are the worst because they get my keyboard disgusting.” Please, you think I want to ruin my gorgeous keyboard? Hell no. That’s why I present an extra tip to you: chopsticks. These guys:

You likely have a pair, so pour your Doritos Taco Flavor into a bowl and use your chopsticks to eat them. Why not leave them in the bag? Because licking your knuckles clean is not a good look.

There’s another benefit to the chopstick method beyond a clean hand: moderation. You simply cannot eat Doritos too fast with chopsticks, go ahead, try. I’ll await the video.

Enjoy your week.

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