iPad Productivity Report — 1/21/19

I moved to a one iPad Pro setup, and to the new 12.9” model.

Over this holiday break my iPad Pro setup changed. I had no intention of switching my setup, but a generous gift of an 11” iPad Pro upended my thinking. As I’ve [written in the past](https://brooksreview.net/2018/10/the-new-ipad-pros-everything-i-wanted-and-nothing-i-needed/), there was no real need for me to upgrade my iPad hardware, but that’s not to say that the new devices aren’t very nice.

So what happened next was simple, I decided to proceed with the 11” iPad Pro which had the base 64gb of storage (this is how I know first hand this is actually enough storage). I used that setup for a week and a half and sold off all my other iPads. And then, I changed my mind and swapped the 11” for a 12.9” model and since I was swapping I went ahead and increased the storage size for peace of mind down the road. So what I want to talk about this week is threefold: the 11” iPad size, the new 12.9” footprint, and some accessories I have added to my stable.

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