Ulysses 15, Better than Ever

Image previews for all! Ulysses has always done this polarizing thing among Markdown purists: they previewed images you put in your document. If you step back, this was and is a great innovation and one that I have always loved, but never been able to use.

Until now. With Ulysses 15 the app will now preview images from remote web locations, even if that web location is hosted in Australia — truly global.

Joking aside, this is the one feature they added this time around which has really impacted me in a good way. I love this feature, this app, and it keeps getting better.

Side note: I complained about how this changed some of the image adding flow. A smart person at Ulysses, let’s call him Max for the purpose of this article, chuckled and wondered why I inserted images the hard way. Turns out if you have an image URL on the pasteboard, you can just paste that URL in any part of the document and Ulysses magically makes this work like you inserted the image. How cool is that? Thanks “Max”, if that’s even your real name.

Yes, I know you can paste URLs on to text to make a link, I literally never tried it with images I guess.


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