Tom Bihn Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch

A really useful little pouch with award winning zipper design.

Quite a name, for what is actually a very neat and simple pouch — I touched on this pouch for members, but it’s pretty great. So let’s talk about it a little more. I picked up the size ‘small’, but it does come in a few other sizes and I found the measurements provided to be very accurate overall.

For this, I am solely focused on the small size.

What It’s For

This is a simple organizer pouch which is primarily designed to hang from one of Tom Bihn’s rings inside all of their bags. Since I don’t use bags with those rings often, I have used it as a way of keeping related items that are smaller in nature with each other.

I’ve basically made it a mini hygiene kit for travel, but the uses really are endless. Anything you find yourself spending too much time digging around for in your bag, is better suited to an organizer like this.


What I really love about this pouch is the size, and thickness. As in, it is very small and the material is as minimal as possible while still being durable and useful.

The size small will hold my iPhone XS perfectly, and the iPhone 8 Plus will fit (barely, oh so barely) without a case on it. It’s not made as an iPhone case, but this is perhaps the most universal yard stick we have in today’s world. That said, here’s what I actually keep in it:

That little silver case is a pill case of Advil. Those are all items I need regularly when I travel, and by keeping them in this organizer I am able to get to them without having to endlessly dig through different pockets in my bags.


The opening on this pouch is also unique, as you might have noticed it doesn’t run only along the edges. The zipper curves slightly back towards the center front of the pouch at the bottom. Thus, when opened vertically, as well as horizontally there is enough of a pocket left at the bottom that even when fully unzipped the smallest of your items should not go leaping out of the pouch.

This was the killer part of the pouch for me: by designing the zipper like this, the pouch remains highly functional, while also solving one of the greatest annoyances: either pouches open too far and things spill out, or they don’t open enough and you are now digging in a smaller area.

This is fantastic zipper design. Really.


I really like this pouch, and it goes just about everywhere with me. I was set to remove the little clip at the top, but then I found a use for it. By clipping an S-Biner into my GORUCK GR1 at the top, I can then clip this pouch to that and have ready access in the same spot every time. That’s been awesome for me.

Highly recommend you get one of these, or maybe three. Damned useful.

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