My Dyneema (DCF) DOPP Kit

My new favorite pouch.

There have been no shortage of pouches I have used for DOPP kits, or toiletries bags, in the past. There’s the GR1 Field Pocket, and then for quite some time I used the Echo Field Pocket, recently I moved to the Bond Venture Pouch. All of those shared the same problems: they were really good, but not ideal. They had pockets and pouches, but they were all a bit too cramped while also being too small. The Venture pouch gave me constant problems managing items in the elastic straps.

So I was casually keeping my eye out for something different when I found this neat pouch on Etsy (regular size). Made out of Dyneema Composite, this is a neat little pouch which was also surprisingly cheap for Dyneema. I bought it thinking it would make a nice pouch for something but I didn’t know for what.

And then I stuffed it full of my toiletries and I was very happy with it.

There’s some really key things about this pouch which make it exceptional:

  • The Size: it’s long enough to hold a full sized tooth brush with no acrobatics needed to put it in the case. And voluminous to hold everything else, and then some I might want.
  • The Material: not only is this material super thin and light — making the pouch crumple down to a size no bigger than what you are carrying, but the whole thing is more or less waterproof. It will contain any spills and if you set it on a wet counter, you’ll also be fine. And toothpaste wipes off of it easily.
  • Weight: there is none.

There’s not much else to say about this. It’s dead simple, and simply perfect. In addition to what I show in these pictures I often cram a pair of eye glasses in the pouch too. I love the size, shape, and weight. Highly recommended.

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