The Totebook from Studio Neat

Stop, buy some, then come back and read why buying them was a great decision.

I received a couple of these to test from Studio Neat a little while back. As you all know, I am a huge fan of everything they do, these notebooks are no exception.

I don’t know that there is a better notebook to buy out there. It’s taboo to talk about other competing products when you promote something new, but I am totally going to break that.

The Totebook is better than Studio Neat’s Panobook because it is portable. It is better than a Baron Fig — any Baron Fig — because it feels like pure fucking luxury in your hand and pornography for the tip of your pen, whereas a Baron Fig now feels like a poser in comparison. It is better than Field Notes because the size is useable and the materials are actually durable.

I don’t know if this cover is rubber or leather or some strange lovechild of both, but I love touching it. I don’t know why every notebook doesn’t have handy tearout small pages, or doesn’t lay flat. I don’t know why Studio Neat are the ones who figured out the perfect size of a notebook, but somehow they did.

That’s Totebook, it is the best $20 you can spend this week.

Oh and I put those archival labels on right away, because they look so cool. And guess what, these fools took the time to make alignment marks on the archival label so that you can put them on straight. I mean, who does that?

Man, I love this thing. It’s a notebook, but it’s also the best notebook.

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