Ulysses 16: 2-Up

a.k.a. How to run to instances of Ulysses next to each other.

Today, Ulysses has a new app version bringing it up to 16. As you know, I think it is foolish for any person to not own this app, and just as foolish to waste your time writing in any other app. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement in this app, and thankfully the team behind Ulysses agreed.

Today there is a significant new Ulysses feature for iPad users: split view. No, not side-by-side where you can put another app along side Ulysses — that has been around for a long time — but this is the ability to show two Ulysses sheets side by side in the app.

This is a feature every document/sheet based app should have, and Ulysses should be their model.

That’s one use case, where you can work on one document while looking at another — it is a great way to argue with yourself.

This is another way — where you show the preview, the output, of what you are working on along side the editable document. Thus, allowing you to read through your document inside Ulysses, while still being able to go back and quickly edit things. This. This, is stellar.

There’s even a keyboard shortcut to do just what I showed above.

The thing about this implementation is that you have to see it and play with it, because the level of detail and thought that has been put into this feature is extraordinary. As someone who has helped to make software for years, I tip my hat.

As a user, I’m ecstatic.

Go get it.

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