Lochby Quattro Pen Case

Does one thing really fucking well.

Note: Lochby has previously provided me with review samples, however I purchased this one with my own cold cash.

I’m a pretty big fan of Lochby’s aesthetic and the simple but well planned out gear they sell. Recently they launched a pen case called Quattro. As the name suggests, it is designed to house four pens, nothing else. But I would be remiss to not point out what Lochby states this is for:

The Quattro fits your favorite four pens for when you’re on the go.

That they label it as a carrier for your favorite four pens is just perfect. I love that little touch.

And the thing is, this case is fantastic because they didn’t over do it. Full zipper, four slots of equal size, the waxed material which already looks great, flip one side upside down to protect the pen clips. Just simple perfection.

I had a whole outline for this post, but it’s irrelevant. Because this case does one thing and it does that one thing extremely well: it holds your four favorite pens. I’ve been keeping my four favorites in it since I got it, and there’s no turning back. This will be carried with me a lot.

Such a no brainer to buy. Well made, and just perfection. It’s $34 and that’s also perfect. I have nothing further to say.

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