Raw Thoughts on Bag Manufacturers

Allow me to give you an overview of bag manufacturers.

I posted a version of this on Reddit the other day, commenting on someone asking about why people love GORUCK over other bag brands. So, here is a slightly expanded version of my very glib takes on bag manufacturers if I were asked to stereotype them all:

  • GORUCK: What civilians think a military bag should be like.
  • Mystery Ranch: What actual military bags are like, for the people in unlimited budget military areas.
  • 5.11 Tactical: What people who cannot afford GORUCK or Mystery Ranch buy.
  • Recycled Firefighter: What happens when you rip off other bag designs, but worse and sell them for not much cheaper.
  • Tom Bihn: A well made, well performing bag that looks like something you bought at Target.
  • Evergoods: What happens when you take the worst parts of GORUCK and Tom Bihn, and try to marry them together.
  • Aer: great looking bags for every white guy who works out before they go to a job carrying a MacBook Pro and Beats.
  • Filson: Heritage style, with heritage comfort.
  • Peak Design: marketing over function, SF Bros above all else.
  • Bellroy: What Peak Design wishes their bags were.
  • REI: The Toyota Camry of bags.
  • Osprey: The bag equivalent of buying a Lexus variant of a Camry.
  • Mission Workshop: I think this is issued to anyone who joins a tech company and moves to SF.
  • Boundary Supply: Peak Design + Black Multicam.
  • WANDRD: Why’s that guy skateboarding with a 50L backpack on, what is this brand…
  • Black Ember: when someone with a 3D printer thinks they can design better MOLLE.
  • Fjallraven: Hipster express.
  • Topo Designs: Hipster with 90s vibes.
  • Hill People Gear: Probably the best bags out there, but you better hope there is no mirror or camera in sight — you’ll regret how it makes you look.
  • Orbit Gear: What every American assumes Japan is like.
  • Generally Other Hiking Brands: They work, but hope you like bright colors and reflectors!
  • Generally Other Kickstarter Brands: You’ll probably find it directly from China for $20 if you look, or just search Reddit because they will have the link to it.

I can’t wait for the emails.

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