Dango S1 Wallet

This under the radar wallet is fantastic.

While I have many wallets, they are all geared towards a life where I might be at work, or out and about for a full day. None of them are well suited to a small few items, some cash, and flexibility. I was frustrated, so I started to look around when I came across this Dango S1 wallet.

It is fantastic, here’s why…


This is a slim wallet with 3.5 slots on it, Dango says can hold up to 9 cards. Perhaps even better than the capacity is how little it can also hold. I often carry my ID, one card, business card, and a $20 bill. The wallet will hold all that securely, whereas many others might hold that little too loosely.

Lastly the footprint is slightly larger than a card, but not so large that it makes you wonder why they even bothered to make it so slim.


The material is a textured DTEX, and if, like me, that means nothing to you then I shall help. This is basic a plastic looking vinyl which looks from a distance like it might be fabric, but in hand has a slight fracture while feeling like vinyl.

It doesn’t seem to suffer from durability issues, but I have only had it a couple of months now. Overall I think it is a great material, which offers a good balance of looks and durability. It slides cleanly in and out of pockets, while also not being so slick that it slips out easily. A nice balance, good material.

Use and Carry

First, you might notice that on the product pages this wallet is shown with a d-ring, but in my photos that is missing. The first thing I did was to remove that d-ring as I don’t like metal which could rub against my iPhone. This leaves a little red tab on the wallet, and I think thats solid enough.

As mentioned above my cards are held securely, and easily accessible when going to pay. If you take time to get used to the wallet, you can easily slip a card out of the wallet while it is still in your pocket.

Generally the wallet is light and not bulky at all. It does build up heat around it, as most wallets do. The material doesn’t absorb any moisture so it’s a heat insulating blob in your wallet for sure.

Above I mentioned that it has 3.5 pockets, and that .5 is because there is one smaller pocket on one side. It is sized to hold something pretty small, I would guess you could fit a memory card if that is your thing. But you can also fit a single house key in it. Which was a huge selling point for me, as I only have two physical keys (mailbox and house). This allows me to slip a key into the wallet in a secure fashion, easily accessible, but also stored in a way where it will not scratch my iPhone. I did have to add a little bit of cord to the key so that I could easily pull it out of the slot.

Lastly, the other side as a more open pocket. I hope that this will work for my keycard when I do head back to the office, so that I don’t need to remove the keycard from the wallet at all. But this remains to be seen.


I’ve never had a good solution for carrying my house key. In Washington it was easy for 9 months of the year as I wore jackets which gave me extra pockets. And if my hopes of carrying a bag with me most places pans out, that’s another option. But for a quick run to get gas or fast food, or more important right now when I go working out — this has proven to be most excellent.

At $35, this is a no-brainer. Love it.

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