Garage Built Gear Tech Organizer

A great bargain of an organizer with solid looks and excellent functionality.

I found out about this company by happenstance and immediately liked a lot of the pouches they sell. If you go look today, you’ll see that many out out of stock — I have this one because it was in stock when I went to order one. It’s the Tech Organizer, though you will note that my pictures look different from the website pictures. I don’t know which one is the current model and which is the old, but functionally they are close enough.

I’ve not been using this for tech, but rather as a slim organizer for my day hiking bag. It is fantastic, so let me share why.

Construction and Features

The pouch is really simple, with a 1000D Cordura on the outside, and varying nylon on the inner lining. A beefy YKK zipper closes it all up, and a loop area is installed on the outside so that you can show off your flair.

That patch let’s people know that there is no compass in this pouch, because I am the compass. It’s obvious.

The pouch from there is simple. A small open pocket on the face of the pouch, another on the inside, and a series of elastic webbing loops to stash stuff in. On the flip side is a gusseted mesh zipper pouch for holding gear loosely. It’s all pretty straightforward, simple, and useful.


Here’s what my kit is loaded out with:

Generally it holds everything I need/want for hiking just fine. It still zips closed well and retains all the items without issue, giving you a solid platform from which to work out of if you need to.

The one complaint I have is that the loops don’t perfectly line up across the elastic webbing. It’s not an issue in use, but it does bother me when I notice it.

The best feature of this pouch is how thin it is, but it is still large enough in footprint to contain full sized items. There’s a lot of gear very neatly packed into this pouch. It is all in the same spot whenever I open it. I really like that.

That’s a big thing for me, as this kit is generally needed around my kids so placing it down in dirt or whatever while keeping the stuff inside clean and organized is critical. It works well.

For a more tech focuses carry the pouch missed the mark for me. Most of my tech carry items didn’t fit into the elastic loops as they were simply too narrow for cables and I don’t carry enough pen-shaped items to fit in the loops. Rendering the majority of the organization useless for that task. Which is why I think this is better suited for outdoors use, or for someone more focused on carrying pens for drawing and such.


This is a solid pouch and for $39 it’s hard to find any fault. This makes me want to try more of their gear, and I really like the overall look of their stuff. While old school camo prints might not be for everyone, they have plenty of solid color options if you can wait for those to come back in stock.

You can buy one here when they come back in stock.

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